SURPRISE! My prize come early than I think! As usual, i get this prize from quiz on twitter. I love quiz and anything about the competition. Because it's fun, that's all.

For those who do not know, Exoticon is the brand name for soft cosmetic lens. Exoticon have many collection and colours. Before this, on 2010 I ever got exoticon N7 Chocolate (brown color) and the case from the quiz too. Haha :)) But, for this time i get softlens, case plus isotonic fluid, agenda, catalogs and some brochures.

I thinks this prize is related with the valentine days. Because the softlens is X2 Pink Special Edition. I can't imagine if i use this softlens on my eyes. Maybe the people think me i am the dragon :p

Now let's look inside the box, there are:

1. X2 Pink No. 2 Plano
2. L Case
3. a+ Sol 100 ml
4. Agenda Agmon

Actually I rarely wearing the softlens. But it's okay because it's free :] Oya, i still waiting for PB Djarum package arrive at my home. \m/
That's my little story, i try to using english again on this post and sorry if my english is not good.

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Blues said...

wah selamat yah...

itu menang lomba apa?

Yang dari Djarum hadiahnya rokok dong?