Hello everyone!
It's been more than one year, since the last time i posted the article on this blog. Now, it's time for me to come back. Actually i'm not busy at all, but sometimes i feel so lazy to write. I don't know why, it's depends with my mood. There's some article that not finish, it's save in drafts. Repeatedly, it's because i'm lazy to resume. Anyway i'm now in break the semester on my university. Yes it's mean ho-li-day! On this post i want to write partially of my bucket list.

My bucket list:
1. Bonfire with some friends at beach
2. Watching World Cup match live
3. Watching Opening Ceremony of Olympic live
4. Watching Badminton tourney live
5. Watching international artist concert
6. Traveling to Indonesian destination by motorcycle
7. Live and work abroad
8. Volunteering outside Indonesia
9. Dancing Indian in India
10. Graduate from university ☑
11. Surprise donation to someone who needs help
12. Backpacker with friends ☑
13. Find the true love
14. Finish to read English novel
15. Get driving license
16. Traveling abroad
17. Having own garden party
18. Dancing in the rain when 20+ ages
19. Hug panda
20. Traveling with mother
21. Camping
22. Watching Jazz Gunung
23. Earn some money
24. Working at office
25. Solo Backpacking ☑

ps: the list can be add at any time.

updated: 03/8/2016

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